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About CauseTravel.com

Why not let people support their favorite cause or charity by doing something they already do.

There are thousands of worthy causes and charities worldwide. Together, all these charities cover a wide range of issues and causes. Some examples are school fundraisers, poverty, wounded veterans, the environment, human rights, crime prevention and health problems. When people support a cause or charity they show their commitment to the problems that that charity or organization exists to combat or help.

People choose to support a charity for various reasons. Many people donate out of the goodness of their heart and the desire to help others in need. Others give to charity because they themselves need, or have needed, the support of a specific charity, or the charity has helped a family or friend. In addition to these reasons, you may also donate to claim tax deduction, improve your image as a charitable person or feel part of a community and the list goes on and on.

Many charities rely entirely on the generosity of the general public and businesses to enable them to continue the essential work that they do. Whatever the reasons for offering support to a charity, this is what keeps them going. In current economic times it is not easy to run a charity or fund raiser and we want to help these organizations in need of funds by offering an extra opportunity to support their important work.

That is why we formed CauseTravel.com; so that by doing something your supporters are already doing, at the same guaranteed low price, funds can go directly to your cause or charity from every booking made. By simply booking through your CauseTravel.com website your supporters can provided additional resources directly into your hands at no extra cost to them.

People tend to think there is nothing they can do to help solve world problems, but that is far from correct. You can now make a difference by booking a hotel!

So why not have your supporters book their hotels through your CauseTravel.com website? We really can’t think of any reason not to.

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We're talking about a Low Price Guarantee even when comparing with the below sites, just to mention a few. We are so confident in our pricing we actually encourage you to go check it out and even provided the links to do so here.

Want to see how it works? Click Here to check out our live demo site.

Marketing Support

You will receive up to 10 hours of dedicated support from our marketing team. Roll out a CauseTravel.com supplemental funds generator in a meaningful way to your members.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page can help answer some of the questions that you may still have. If you have any additional questions please contact us directly.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: There is no cost to the organization/charity/cause to set your site up.

Q: Is booking travel on CauseTravel.com more expensive than other hotel booking sites?
A: No; for all our bookings we use a worldwide reservation system backed by one of the largest sellers of travel in the world; which offers highly competitive prices and guarantees their customers the lowest possible price at the time of the booking. Because we use exactly the same prices and apply the same terms and conditions of the Low Price Guarantee, we can assure you that you pay the lowest price for your stay. The Low Price Guarantee protects your pocket book and takes the worry out of booking a hotel room. After you book with us, if you find a lower publicly available rate online for the same dates, hotel, and room category, we will match the price.

Q: How much money will my organization/charity/cause receive?
A: For every hotel booking made through our site, we receive a commission from our partner worldwide reservation system. We guarantee that up to 6% of the amount paid for the room itself will be paid to the organization/charity/cause receive. We use the remaining amount of money from the commissions to cover the costs of running CauseTravel.com.

Q: Is the exact amount to be received confirmed at the time of booking?
A: The exact amount of the donation will be confirmed as soon as the booking is fully completed, which is when the traveler checks out of their hotel. Once this has been completed we will then post the amount to your account and send you the traveler an email with the exact amount of money transferred from their respective booking.

Q: My favorite charity doesn’t have a CauseTravel.com site. How can I add a them?
A: A contact person from the charity can register their charity. Please feel free to contact the organization you’d like to support and ask them to register their charity on our site.

Q: How can we sign up as an organization/charity/cause?
A: Signing up as an organization/charity/cause is very easy. We just need contact details, a logo and a short text with a description of the organization/charity/cause. Every organization/charity/cause can join CauseTravel.com as long as they have a person responsible for the management of the organization.

Q: How do I track my organization/charity/cause earnings?
A: CuaseTravel.com provides a secure account login area where you can view commissions earned. This area also includes links to downloadable marketing materials.

Q: How soon do I see my earnings in my account?
A: The Stats do not include the current day's bookings, and therefore aren't real-time. Reservations booked today will load into the Stats at the end of the day, typically anywhere from midnight to 2AM Central US time.

Q: When do I receive my commissions?
A: On the 12th of each month, we calculate your total commissions accrued since your last payment (or if you have not received a payment yet, since the time you joined our program). Commission payments are then sent on the 22nd by postal mail, to organization/charity/cause who have accrued over $50 in their account. If your account does not have more than $50 in accrued commissions when our monthly calculation takes place, your accrued commissions will continue to rollover monthly until the $50 minimum is met.

Q: My question is not listed.
A: If your question isn’t listed here please contact us directly at support@causetravel.com.

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